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The Farm
Doyle Farms - Watch Our Story


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The Farm

Over 15 varieties of

homegrown fruit harvested

from our four local growing locations.

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The Creamery & Cafe

Delicious Homemade Ice Cream, Sandwiches and Salads, House-made Baked Goods, Locally roasted coffee, and fresh-squeezed lemonades.

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The Family

Our third generation

farm family and team is growing.



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Doyle Farms - Good Fruit Since 1978 Bar.

Whole Sale Fruit Orders



Send Any Questions To -

Note -

This form is for wholesale fruit

orders of five 8-quarts or more.

Please plan your order at least one

week in advance of desired pickup date.

If you have any questions on order

quantity, timeline for harvest/prepping,

feel free to shoot us an email at

Thanks for submitting!

  • Where Is Doyle Farms Located?
    We're a local fruit farm located in Upstate, New York. We have four growing properties that are spread across Wayne County, mainly in the Wolcott area. Our farm locations are spread across what is known as The New York Apple Belt. The prime growing conditions, soil, and environment provide great farm land for apples that are shipped across the world!
  • Where is Doyle's Cafe Located?
    We're located at 10979 Ridge Rd, Wolcott, NY 14590 - Type this address into a navigation app and head on over to pick up some fresh homegrown fruit, to enjoy a latte, or a custom ice cream cone.
  • Where Is Your Fruit Grown?
    Our four growing locations are spread around Wayne County, New York. We are in the NY Apple Belt and regularly enjoy great growing conditions that Upstate New York is perfecly located for. Our home growing location along Ridge Road in Wolcott surrounds Jordan and Jess' home property where the majority of our plums, peaches, nectarines, donut peaches, and a portion of our apples are grown. Our other three growing locations are near the intersection of 414 and Route 104 in Rose where our farm originally started, on PreEmption Road outside of Sodus, and another leased growing land in Rose. We total around 170 acres of fruit between our various locations.
  • What's The Story Behind Your Fruit?
    Watch this video to learn about our family story and how Jordan stepped into leading our growing business. We're so blessed to be in this place as a second generation farm.
  • What Fruit(s) are in Season?
    Great question! Here's are ballpark harvest times for our various fruits - give or take a week depending on mother nature. ;) Strawberries - second/third week of June through beginning of July. Blueberries - Blackberries - Sour Cherries - Sweet Cherries - Sugar Plums - Cardinal Plums - Peaches - Apricots Donut Peaches - Nectarines -
  • Do You Wholesale Your Fruit?
    Yes. We are willing to have a conversation with anyone interested in wholesale. We have customers around NY, PA, and OH that come back year after year for our fresh fruit. To Get More Info, we'd love for you to call us at the Cafe at 315-435-3923 or send an email to to learn more. Thanks!
  • What Apple Varieties Do You Grow?
    Apples are our main stay as a farm, we have a healthy variety of apples including - Snapdragon Rubyfrost Honeycrisp Red Delicious Gala Empire Sweet Tango
  • What Baked Goods Will You Have At The Cafe?
    Yum. Uhhhhh....everything that is good (and in season). Brandon, our chef and baker, is uber creative and loves to roll with the different fruit seasons as the year progresses. Through the summer our baked goods will change with the seasons, and the rest of the year we will use our fruit for a variety of delicious baked goods. Here's what you can expect a mix of - scones, macaroons, macarones, cookies, muffins, etc. Stay up-to-date with what we're currently baking by finding us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • What Is A Stone Fruit?
    A stone fruit (or drupe) is a fruit with a large "stone" inside. The stone is sometimes called the seed, but that is a mistake, as the seed is inside the stone. The stones can also be called a pit. Examples of our stone fruits are peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, and cherries.
  • What Is A Donut Peach
    They're the peach that looks like someone stepped on it - or at least that's what everyone at market tells us when they see our mondo size donut peaches every summer. Donut peaches are super sweet compared to other peach varieties, smaller in size, and shaped different - but that doesn't mean we don't adore them. Donut peaches are a favorite around the farm. They are said to be more complex-tasting and flavorful, often described as possessing undertones of almond. Their skin is yellow and red, and they are less fuzzy than many other peaches. The inside of the donut peach is pale yellow to white in appearance.
  • What are Cling-On, Semi-Cling, and Freestone Peaches?"
    Peaches are distinguished by their three different types of pits - Cling, Semi-Cling, and Freestone Cling - A "cling-on" peach are the type where the fruit is grown (or woven) into the pit. Freestone - This is the variety where the the flesh of the peach is separated from the pit. The pit can easily be separated from the flesh when it's ripe. Semi-Cling - You guessed it, the flesh of the peach is attached to the stone, but not fully woven into it.
  • What is your pricing?
    This is one of the most vague questions we get very often - so we figured we'd touch on it. In short, our prices change from season to season, and sometimes week to week depending on the fruit/season. Different variables (time, our cost, duration of the season, quantity being purchased, weather, etc.) factor into the current cost of our fruit. Never hesitate to ask - we love to work out deals with our friends and customers!
  • Where Are Your Coffee Beans Roasted/Sourced From?
    Imprint Coffee!! Wooohooo. Located in Sodus, NY Imprint Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing with integrity, roasting with excellence, and serving our loyal customers with enthusiasm. As we've done business with them for the last couple years, initially purchasing for our home church (shoutout Freedom Life Church in South Butler) and now for our family's business, we've examined the standard of coffee and quality of the humans that run Imprint. We give a major thumbs up to both. If you have any other coffee questions, just pop into the Cafe and ask!
  • Can I Visit Your Farm?
    We have people ask this all the time! Our answer is "of course you can!" Because of logistics, we only host visitors at our Ridge Road location (where the Cafe and Farmstand is). Feel free to pop into the Cafe and ask us any questions/take a tour of our place. With our permission, we also permit you to take a drive through the orchards and just ask that you would stay on the designated trail. What you will see - our berries, ponds, peaches, donut peaches, nectarines, plums...and maybe a team member or two working. We also have a 125 pound yellow lab that may tackle you with kisses and ask for you to pet him. His name is Finley and he lovessss people.
  • Where Are Your Workers From?
    We love our team! Every year we have about 40 individuals that range from seasonal, part-time, and full-time workers. We have team members that live locally and team members that come in from other counties seasonally in the fall. Our team is hand picked through references to help us deliver the best quality fruit to our customers. When one of our fall team members contributes well to our team, we love to hire their family members or friends as well to make their experience better and improve our efficiency as a team. Our international workers travel from Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico to help in our fall apple harvest.
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